Thanks for signing up to our monthly show notice. Living a Life in Full, is a magazine style podcast vis-à-vis topics and guests—we go as deep as we do wide. The roster of guests epitomizes diverse abilities combined with a creative drive that has resulted in their incredible life experiences and inspiring stories. 
They are a veritable who’s who that includes well known academics, physicians, a Nobel Laureate, an Olympic Medalist, an Ambassador, various thought leaders, humanitarians, policy wonks, a land speed record holder, an astronaut, TED speakers, global-travelers/hackers/circumnavigators, activists, medical technologists, engineers, world record holders, alpinists, creatives, pioneering explorers, Emergency Medicine specialists, a US Senator, ultra/endurance athletes, CEOs, CIOs, university presidents, novelists, scientists, medial innovators, adventurists, artists, futurists, a fighter pilot, start-up founders, a private equity pioneer, founders, United Nations NGO Representatives, entrepreneurs, triathletes, coaches, journalists, commentators, photographers, presidential advisors, economists, theologians, and polymaths of all stripe—many are friends and all are wonderful, complex people.
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